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Welcome to my humble site. As of now I'm switching my backend, and this site should load considerably fast. This site isn't exactly live yet, though you can check out for some useful tools (upcoming, currently a text-to-morse converter) and for my (upcoming) blog. (It will be different in content from this blog.) Also for getting into cryptocurrencies (currently a makeshift page, but the links are up-to-date). This whole thing will soon have some dope design and content. In the meanwhile, feel free to hit me up for some unlicensed consultancy in law, investment, technology, or just anything and everything under the sun. (If you got my WhatsApp. I'll soon enable a more public way.)

If you know me in real life, I might be willing to host your posts on some fast servers. Head over to for details. How fast? You can ping the server for response time or download this test file to check out the server speeds on your network. (Also, I can handle any number of these connections.)

If you don't know me, just keep this page bookmarked and cool things will begin to happen (probably). The chance that you win the lottery will sextuple (that is, grow 6x) instantly. Other than that... don't mind the tutorials and stuff in here. It's there for administrative (= my personal) purposes.

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Gao Wei

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